The word "headshot" might send chills up the spines of some individuals.  The fact that one is required to participate is like torture.  That is why my 3 minutes with a person is a make or break situation. I have just 180 short seconds to put each person at ease and capture the confident person they only dream of representing.

My greatest reward is taking a persons insecurities and turning them into something beautiful.  Even if it is just a headshot - when I give people a glimpse of the product from the back of my camera and they give an audible "Wow!", I feel like I have achieved what a therapist takes several sessions at $150 a pop to accomplish.  

Who knew that taking a simple headshot could be so rewarding to me - the photographer?  People share little nuggets of who they are with me.  I learn of family heirlooms that they might be wearing around their neck or a little about their "wardrobe consultant" at home.  I find out how they came to work at their place of employment and how many years they have been there.  It is crazy how much you can learn about a person in under 5 minutes, all while I am directing them to turn their head this way and that.  When I look at the 8 frames person and see the transformation of their composure, it gives me great confidence that this is the job for me.