This must be the fastest turnaround in Beth Fornuto Photography history!  It was a pleasure meeting all of you tonight.  Your children are beautiful and polite and so much fun to photograph.  I will be posting the pictures to the site below.  Please use the photos with my copyright for anything you post in the next few days on social media.  I welcome the publicity for your photogenic children!  

"Click here to view the gallery"

There will also high resolution images that I will post in a separate gallery that can be downloaded.  As part of your package, please choose 2 pictures that you would like printed in a 5x7 by marking your "favorites" two in the gallery. 

This has been a whirlwind weekend, but one with much joy!  I was especially happy seeing all of the parents relaxing and letting me capture these moments for them!

Thanks again!  
Beth Fornuto Photography