Love has a funny way of showing up when you least expect it and after a combined 84 years of waiting, this love story finally came to be. How exciting it was to be there to witness this marriage! Angie is an awesome catch and Brian is lucky to be her prince. I couldn’t have been more excited to play a part in documenting this twist of fate.

Getting married in the sweet chapel that Brian proposed in just a few short months ago was perfect. It was a beautiful and intimate gathering of their closest friends and family in the recently renovated structure that was the original chapel of Angie’s home church. The building comes with a story and experiences only gained by it’s years, much like the bride and groom. How appropriate that this perfect union would take place in a setting such as this.

Happy does not even describe the emotions of the day. Brian was grinning ear-to-ear once the vows were spoken and he had his bride (and that’s alot for a man who warned me he only had a little smile). The laughter and looks of endearment were palpable. I wish I could have boxed them up and taken some home with me.

Best wishes to the bride and groom! Angie - I have no doubt that you will be the perfect wife. And Brian, I can tell by the way you look at her that the years ahead will be the best to come!