It was a fun, perfect day to meet Megan and Will.   I knew I was in for a treat when Will alluded to practicing his smile and then asked if anyone brought a lint brush.   They were a fantastic couple with the energy of youth along with wisdom beyond their years.    

Thanks for allowing me to capture a glimpse of what is yet to come in your lives together and for taking me on a fun jaunt in your neck of the woods.  Will – you nailed the smile, but my favorite pictures are the ones where you are looking at your future wife so endearingly that one can see the depth of your love.  Megan - is it apparent that you are the perfect girl for him!  

Props to Will for being seriously outnumbered and taking it like a trooper.  5 to 1 (that is, if Oakley is also a female) is some odds.  He survived primping by his future mother-in-law and copious instructions and even my new name for him like a champ.  I promise to work on the latter!